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Tokiwa Museum

1. Tokiwa Museum

This rare museum located inside Tokiwa park in Ube city exhibits the fusion of tropical plants and sculptures.

Tokiwa museum has 2000 cactus stumps of 400 species. Beautiful ball cactus, pillar cactus, and succulents can be enjoyed during the winter, and all the cactus blooms colorfully in the spring. The plant that is said will raise your financial luck can also be seen in here.

Location In Tokiwa Park, Nonaka 3chome 4-29, Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 35 minutes by car from Chugoku Expressway Ogori IC
(2) 15 minutes by car from Sanyo Expressway Ube IC
(3) 30 minutes by car from Sanyo Expressway Yamaguchi Minami IC
(4) 10 minutes walk from JR Ube line Tokiwa station
Office of Inquiry Museum Management section TEL of Midori, Ube-shi and a flower and the Sculpture: 0836-37-2888
  • 2. Tokiwa Museum
  • 3. Tokiwa Museum