Kawatana Onsen

1. Kawatana Onsen

When 恰雲和尚 of the Sanne-ji Temple discovered it by a miracle of the The Buddha of Healing in the Onsen of the quiet mountain village, I am informed it.
There are Golf course, a strange blue temple Sesshu garden, Karasuyama, Shimonoseki-shi Folk Museum, Refresh Park Toyoura, a forest of the Camphor of the Kawatana near.

Location Toyouracho Kawatana, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi
Access (1) It is Bus 50 minutes from JR Sanyo Main Line Shimonoseki Station

(2) 5 minutes by taxi from JR Sanin Main Line Kawatana-Onsen Station
Office of Inquiry Kawatana Onsen Tourist Association TEL: 083-772-0296
  • 2. Kawatana Onsen
  • 3. Kawatana Onsen