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Karato Market (Iki Iki Bakangai)

1. Karato Market (Iki Iki Bakangai)

The wholesale market where the person of the Foundation can enjoy shopping.
I can observe the Condition of the real Japanese parsley, too.
On an end (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and a holiday, I hold "the becoming permanently free from danger breath Bakan town" where the first floor of the Karato Market transforms itself into the sea foods Yatai (street stall) town very much every week.
Nigiri-zushi and miso soup using the fresh Ingredients, the number of articles including the fried chicken are really abundant, and of course there is blow, stabbing it.
The Turnout such as the Festival is totally familiar in the Variety of media.

Location 5-50, Karatocho, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi
Access (1) 7 minutes by bus from JR Shimonoseki Station
→ "It is a 3-minute walk from Karato Bus Stop
Website http://www.karatoichiba.com/
Office of Inquiry Karato Ichiba Cooperative Association TEL: 083-231-0001
  • 2. Karato Market (Iki Iki Bakangai)
  • 3. Karato Market (Iki Iki Bakangai)