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Shimonoseki Nabecho Post Office

1. Shimonoseki Nabecho Post Office

Shimonoseki Nabecho post office is the oldest western-style architecture exists in Shimonoseki. This building was newly built when Akama post office got merged with the telegraph stations.

This firm building constructed by 60cm thick brick was designed by Teishinsho technician Mitsuhashi Shiro.

This is also the oldest post office running now in Japan.

The cafes next to the garden are used as an event space such as concerts and wedding ceremonies. Galleries and exhibition corner has adjusted.

The building will get lightened up during the night time.

Location Nabecho 22-8, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 7 minutes from JR Shimonoseki station
→ 1 minute walk from "Karato" bus stop
Office of Inquiry Nanbu-cho, Shimonoseki post office TEL: 083-222-0161
  • 2. Shimonoseki Nabecho Post Office