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Kasado Island

1. Kasado  Island

All of the islands are appointed in Setonaikai National Park, and I am full of Change of the entrance and exit, and the Shoreline is dotted with Big and small innumerable Strangely shaped rocks.
Shade door Ohashi is completed in November, 1970.
Official title of a secretary in charge of diplomatic documents in old China Park is completed in Tour appointed place, May, 53 in August, 1977.
In 1990, Mt. shade Todaka living environment maintenance forest was maintained, and Kasado Island Family Recreational Village did an open village in The next year July.
The Facilities such as Accommodations, Hiking Course, Campground and Barbecue Facilities (Family Recreational Village), the Beach is fully equipped, too, and users increase as Sightseeing and an island of the recreation. The The sea Promenade of approximately 300m is completed, and the In recent years can enjoy a comfortable The sea walk of the The sea breeze.

Location Kasadoshima, Kudamatsu-shi, Yamaguchi
Access (1) It is Approximately ten minutes by bus from JR Sanyo Main Line Kudamatsu Station

(2) 20 minute drive from Tokuyama-Higashi IC
Office of Inquiry Kudamatsu City Industrial Tourism Section Tel. No. 0833-45-1841
  • 2. Kasado  Island
  • 3. Kasado  Island