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Kasado Island

1. Kasado Island

The whole island has designated as the Setonaikai national park, Odd shaped rocks in various sizes are dotted on the sea with patterned coasts.

Kasado bridge was constructed in November 1970.

Surrounding designated area's construction was completed in the August 1977 and Gaishi park in the July of the following year.

Kasado highland living environment protecting forest got maintenance in 1990 and Kasado family trip village was open in July 1991.

As an island of sightseeing and recreation, the number of visitors is increasing to use the facilities such as accommodations, hiking course, camping grounds, barbeque facilities, and beaches. Recently a promenade has constructed for visitor's relaxing walk time.

Location Kasadojima, Kudamatsu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 10 minutes by bus from JR Sanyo main line Kudamatsu station
(2) 20 minutes by car from Tokuyama Higashi IC
Office of Inquiry Kudamatsu City Industrial Tourism Section Tel. No. 0833-45-1841
  • 2. Kasado Island
  • 3. Kasado Island