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Hanaoka Hachiman shrine

Hanaoka Hachiman shrine

I cost Divided divine spirit of the Buzen country (Oita) Usa Hachiman Shrine Kanjiyo in (709) for sum two years and worshiped you. 97 ancient writings documents, long swords are possessed including a red-seal letter of the Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

Valuable Cultural Assets to tell about Tahoto and History to be informed when Kamatari Fujiwara founded it in the Hanaoka which prospered very much for a long time as a Monzen post town of the Former Sanyo Road is Much 残 っているます. A color is dark, and, as for the Hanaoka Hachiman shrine founded in sum 2(709) year in particular, Feature of the Old highway including a lattice window and the Private residence of the plaster remains in the now Around in the venerable Shinto Shrine which gathered the worship of much Military commander including that Hideyoshi Toyotomi which did a great achievement of Yoshitaka Ouchi and the world unification, and ex-Turnout still breathes.

Location 400, Ebisucho, Suetakekami, Kudamatsu-shi, Yamaguchi
Access (1) It is Bus approximately 15 minutes from JR Sanyo Main Line Kudamatsu Station

(2) From JR Gantoku Line Suo-Hanaoka Station for About a 10-minute walk
Office of Inquiry Hanaoka Hachiman shrine TEL: 0833-44-8570