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Kasado flatfish Cuisine

1. Kasado flatfish Cuisine

"The Kasado flatfish" produced by a warm climate and high quality water in a shade door gulf of the Kudamatsu City brought up features the firm body and can enjoy a crunchy texture.
It is high quality Ingredients of the Kudamatsu Pride which grease appears with wall thickness, and there is the faint Sweetness, and is tasteful so as to bite it if I bite it.
The culture is tasty, too and can eat let alone Nature without choosing the The four seasons in Reputation if more delicious than a natural product.
It is excellent at an affinity with all recipes including Sashimi, ceramic ware, food boiled and seasoned, the deep-fried food. It is an unrivaled article that "do not obtain" that I is known as a sushi topping.

Location Kudamatsu, Yamaguchi The city
Website http://www.city.kudamatsu.lg.jp/kankou/tokusanhin.html
Office of Inquiry Kudamatsu City Industrial Tourism Section Tel. No. 0833-45-1841
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