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Iwakuni Lotus root

The Iwakuni City is a production center of the Lotus root eminent Nationwide.
The Characteristic of the Iwakuni lotus root is a sticky texture. A fruit is clogged up and pulls a thread from the cut end.
In addition, it is said that Feudal lord was pleased very much because Iwakuni Lotus root having a family coat of arms of the Yoshikawa family which settled Iwakuni and nine holes toward The Edo Period resembled closely.
I am used for Iwakuni Local cooking such as Ohira, the Iwakuni sushi.

●Handled product Iwakuni Lotus root

Location Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi
Office of Inquiry Iwakuni City Sightseeing Association (0827-41-2037), Iwakuni Station Information Desk (0827-21-6050) TEL: 0827-29-5116