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Kanmuriyama Park Plum Blossom Festival

1. Kanmuriyama Park Plum Blossom Festival

The ”Kanmuri Plum Blossom Park”which is adjacent to the Kanmuri Tenman-gu, a place associated with Sugawara no Michizane, from which you can overlook the Seto Inland Sea is a plumsblossom park with over 2000 trees of 100 different kinds of plums blooming and is prominent even in Western Japan.
The vivid red and white plums you can see with the sparkling blue Seto Inland Sea in the background are unique to the Kanmuri Plum Blossom Park.
During the period of the ”Plum Blossom Festival”many different events take place on Saturdays and Sundays, including Japanese music, dancing and tea ceremony.

February 16, 2019~March 10, 201

Location Whole area of Kanmuri Park 6288 Oaza Murozumimura Hikari City Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 12 minutes by bus from JR Sanyo Main Line Hikari Station
(for the JR Bus Murozumi)
→ It is a 3-minute walk from "Tonaka" Bus Stop

(2) Approximately 20 minute drive from Sanyo Expressway Kumage IC
Website http://www.kanmuriyama-park.com/
Office of Inquiry Kanmuriyama Park Administration Office Tel. No. 0833-74-3311
  • 2. Kanmuriyama Park Plum Blossom Festival