Yuda Onsen

1. Yuda Onsen

These hot springs are known for the richest amount of water in Sanyo. The springs are categorized in alkaline simple hot springs and well hydrates with the skin.

The origin is the historical hot spring since the Muromachi period. The legend tells about a wounded white fox used to heal its body by foot bathing in this hot spring.

Location Yuda Hot Spring, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 20 minutes by train from "Shin-Yamaguchi station"
→ Get off at "Yuda Onsen station" and 10 minutes walk from the bus stop
(2) 20 minutes by bus from "Shin-Yamaguchi station"
( Get off at "Yuda Onsen")
(3) 15 minutes by car from Chugoku Expressway Ogori IC
Website http://www.yudaonsen.com/
Office of Inquiry Yuda Onsen Inn Association TEL: 083-920-3000
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