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Ouchi Clan building trace (Ouchi Clan Remains)

Ouchi Clan building trace (Ouchi Clan Remains)

There was a Now dragon fortune temple to the hall trace, but there was House of the lief-guard Ouchi Clan of the Suo in The Muromachi Period.
(1360) 頃大内弘世 moves the hall in This area from Ouchimihori in 1360 and, in imitation of a town of Kyoto, is said to have made towns.
The hall is said to be it when I surrounded the Premise of 100 ken of every direction that almost fits Currently dragon fortune temple precincts by a moat and fieldwork.
The The present head of a household of the Ouchi Clan Each generation took the state affairs in Here, and it was in politics of the West Japan, Center of the Economy for approximately 200 years.

Location 119, Odonooji, Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi dragon fortune temple
Access (1) 20 minute train from Shin-Yamaguchi Station
→ It is Bus five minutes from Yamaguchi Line Yamaguchi Station
→ 10 minute walk from Prefectural Office bus stop

(2) 20 minute drive from Chugoku Expressway Ogori IC
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