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I meet and enshrine Fireworks

I meet and enshrine Fireworks

It is the Fireworks display which is the slowest in The city. 2,500 (Plan) glittering flashes of light win Favorable reception in the sky on the night of late autumn. In the Fireworks Festival which can launch the only shaku ball Fireworks in Yamaguchi City, the sound is the powerful Fireworks Festival which is said to be it even if it reaches the distance Yuda Onsen depending on the direction of the wind.
※I postpone it or, in the case of stormy weather, am going to cancel it.

Location Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi ocean Fishing port
Access (1) It is Bus ten minutes from JR Daido Station

(2) 10 minute drive from Sanyo Expressway Yamaguchi-Minami
Office of Inquiry 山口県央商工会青年部秋穂支部 TEL: 083-984-2738