Tourist attraction

Hokoji (Buddha Statue of Amidado Hall)

Hokoji is the remains of Anyoji, a temple built by Shunjobo Chogen who visited this place for Nara Todaiji reconstruction in 1186.

Five Buddha statues are stored inside Amidado Hall.

(1)Wooden Amida Nyorai Zazo Statue

128.7cm high, made of cypress. The whole body was sculpted from a single wooden piece.

(2)Wooden Bosatsu Standing Statue

142.2cm high, a single wooden(cypress) piecework

(3)Wooden eleven face Kannon Standing Statue

130.2cm high, made of cypress wood. The carving technique used was simple.

(4)Wooden Fudo Myo-ou Standing Statue

187cm tall, a single wooden(cypress) piecework

(5)Wooden Bishamon Tenryu Statue

Location Tokuji Sabagouchi 1444, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Office of Inquiry Hokouji TEL: 0835-54-0932