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Ishibune Hot Spring

1. Ishibune Hot Spring

Welcome to a certain spa hotel flowing constantly from the source nestling calmly in a mountain. In seasonal Beauty, brook of the Clear stream, lovingly prepared Hospitality, I wait for Drop-in Visit to Hot Spring, Meal, Variety of Banquet, coming of all of you including the Accomodations. "のんたそば" of the preference that the Meal harvests it from seeding and performs to stone mill flour milling, Making soba in-house. Clear stream, blessing a kind of trout and Sweetfish of Shibukawa which flow through the nearby of the Onsen. Wasabi of the Kano local product. It is Menu using the Ingredients of the Hometown including the udon of the pork, Kano shop of the Kano Farm.

Location 1667-4, Kanokami, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi
Access (1) It is Car 30km from JR Sanyo Main Line Tokuyama Station

(2) It is Car five minutes from Bocho Bus Kano Stop

(3) It is Car ten minutes from Chugoku Expressway Kano IC
Office of Inquiry House Ishibune Hot Spring TEL of the rest: 0834-68-2542
  • 2. Ishibune Hot Spring
  • 3. Ishibune Hot Spring