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Kayoi Whale Festival

1. Kayoi Whale Festival

Using a fin whale model of a length of 13.5 m the old style whaling of the Edo period is reenacted. The picture of brave men in red loincloth assembled through a nationwide public advertisement who are challenging the whale is a must-see.
In addtion events like a Japanese-style regatta race making use of the valuable assets of the fishing city Kayoi take place.

July 15, 2018

Location Oura Umetatechi Kayoi Nagato City Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) It is Bus 25 minutes from JR Nagatoshi Station
(immediate "通漁協前" Getting Off)
Office of Inquiry Kayoi Whale Festival Executive Committee TEL: 0837-28-0008
  • 2. Kayoi Whale Festival
  • 3. Kayoi Whale Festival