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Mutsumi Beatles Kingdom

1. Mutsumi Beatles Kingdom

A summer limited facility to communicate with beetles. Consists of three zones; Beetles forest, stag beetles residence, rhinoceros beetles dome. The worlds various beetles are exhibited and sold. In the natural forest also beetles catching activities can be enjoyed. Surrounded with sunflowers field, also accessible to the nearby camping grounds and Fusumayama mountain Nemu-no-oka hill where you can enjoy the walking paths, playgrounds, farms, and fields.

●Parking Area/160 cars

*Contact while closing: Hagi City Mutsumi Office  TEL:08388-6-0211

Location Takasashimo 2750-202, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 35 minutes by car from JR Yamaguchi line Mitani station
(2) 50 minutes by car from JR Sanin main line Higashi-Hagi station
(Take prefectural road 11 to Tsuwano)
(3) 40 minutes by car from Hagi City → prefectural road 13
(via Prefectural road 11)
Office of Inquiry Get along with each other; Insect kingdom (chisel out of the Period) TEL: 08388-8-0064
  • 2. Mutsumi Beatles Kingdom