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Susa Hornfels

1. Susa Hornfels

The sandstone of the layer, alternated layers of the shale became ホルンフェルン by heat action in erosion The shore in Tertiary period, and are the beautiful cliff where a rock of black and the light gray does alternated layers.
I am extremely regarded as important on the arts and sciences of the Our country.

Location The Takayama, Susa, Hagi-shi, Yamaguchi North Coast
Access (1) It is a 90-minute walk from JR Sanin Main Line Susa Station
(tourism boat 30 minutes)

(2) It is Taxi ten minutes from JR Sanin Main Line Susa Station

(3) 20 minute drive from Chugoku Expressway Mine-Higashi JCT
→ From Ogori-Hagi Road Edo IC Car 20 minutes (in Use Ogori-Hagi Road Connected to JCT to Hagi)
→ Hagi City Area → From National Route 191 Car 50 minutes (towards Masuda City Area to Run, Susa Region)
Office of Inquiry Hagi City Susa General Office Industrial Development Section Tel. No. 08387-6-2219
  • 2. Susa Hornfels