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Susa Ecology Camping Ground

1. Susa Ecology Camping Ground

Cabins (for four or six people) tent sites are organized.

Air conditioner, bath rooms, blankets, fridge, rice cooker, TV, washlet toilets are prepared in the cabin.

Rental tableware and equipment are available for barbeques.

Reservations can be made from the 1st of 3 months before your visit.

Location Oaza Susa Matekata, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 40 minutes by Hagi city center
(National highway 191)
(2) 60 minutes by car from Ogori Hagi Road Edo IC
(via Mine Higashi JCT)
(3) 90 minutes by car from Kano IC
Office of Inquiry Gulf of Susa ecology Campground TEL: 08387-6-2727
  • 2. Susa Ecology Camping Ground