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Hagi / Grand Tea Assembly

1. Hagi / Grand Tea Assembly

The tea ceremony of Hagi dates back to the Hagi han era. Due to the 4 different schools of tea ceremony in the city including the Hana no e chatei located in the Hagi Castle Ruins Shizuki Park tea ceremonies are held in 4 designated cultural property facilities in the city.
Please enjoy Matcha tea while feeling the townscape of the Edo period and the history of Hagi.

May 3, 2018 ~May 4, 2018

Location Hagi Castle Ruins Shizuki Park and other venues Hagi City Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) Approximately 20 minute drive from Ogori-Hagi Road Edo IC
(Via Chugoku Expressway Mine-Higashi JCT Ogori-Hagi Road)

(2) Approximately 5 minutes on foot from "Hagi Castle Ruins, Shizuki Park Entrance north gate Mansion Entrance" Bus Stop (to ※ Shizuki Park, an old Asa Mori Residence Hagi Mansion tenement house each (Venue) Hagi Loop Maru Bus Clockwise)

(3) From "in front of Kumagai Art museum" Bus Stop Getting Off a 1-minute walk (to person of ※ Kumagai Residence Hagi City Bus Counterclockwise)

(4) From "in front of Hagi Museum" Bus Stop Getting Off a 3-minute walk (to ※ old Kubo country house Residence Hagi Loop Maru Bus Clockwise
※There is Free of charge Shuttle bus linking each Venue.)
Office of Inquiry (Public corporation) Hagi City Tourist Association Tel. No. 0838-25-1750
  • 2. Hagi / Grand Tea Assembly
  • 3. Hagi / Grand Tea Assembly