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Roadside Stations "Hagi Seaside Market"

Roadside Stations "Hagi Seaside Market"

Adjacent to Hagi Fishing port, I can enjoy shopping such as Fresh fish and Processed Seafood, Vegetables, the Fruit from a hometown in Atmosphere of the Market full of the vigor.
As for the horse mackerel with Cuttlefish and the back of the Hagi to swim with a water tank, the straight Sea urchin, the turban shell, the taste of the Fishing port direct shipment including the abalone, the delivery to home is possible, too, and salt Sea urchin and Kamaboko, the Dried fish are a price and assortment of goods only in the production center, too.
There is the souvenir shop where a bakery and Locally brewed Sake, Sweets with the Open Cafe were even on.
In Restaurant "beach Cuisine cancer cancer" and "the Restoration bower," the Menu which I made all use of Fresh fish in is substantial.

Location Obata 4160-61 in front of Tsubaki, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Tohoku
Access (1) It is Car five minutes from JR Sanin Main Line Higashi-Hagi Station

(2) Approximately 20 minute drive from Mine-Higashi JCT to Edo IC
(in Use Ogori-Hagi Road to Hagi City Area)
→ Approximately 10 minutes by car from Hagi City Area - National Route 191 (to Masuda Area)

(3) From Hagi Seaside Market Bus Stop a 1-minute walk (Hagi City Bus Counterclockwise Course Usage)
Website http://www.axis.or.jp/~seamart/
Office of Inquiry Hagi Seaside Market TEL: 0838-24-4937