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Mitajiri Shipyard Ruins

1. Mitajiri Shipyard Ruins

Mitajiri Shipyard used to be the headquarter of Hagi domain navy. Pleasure boats and navy ships were stored all the time, constructions and repairment were also done in here. This place is surrounded by the related workers and the region name from them passes down the history until now.

Only some parts of the canal and the entrance remains today.

Also, this Mitajiri is the place where Takasugi Shinsaku took over the navy office and warships after his uprising in Shimonoseki with his forlorn hope.

Location Mitajiri 3chome, Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 4 minutes by bus from JR Sanyo main line Hofu station
(Get off at "Horiguchi-Dori" bus stop)
Office of Inquiry Hofu City Hospitality Sightseeing Section Tel. No. 0835-25-4547
  • 2. Mitajiri Shipyard Ruins