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Hofu Tenmangu Daisenbo Remains

1. Hofu Tenmangu Daisenbo Remains

Bofu Tenmangu Daisenbo played an important role from Nambokucho era (1336~1392) until the beginning of Meiji as Betto-bou of Bofu Tenmangu.

Betto is the position to be in charge of shrines and temples, and Bou is the headquarter.

There used to be 9 Bous in total for Tenmangu addittional to Betto bou and Daisenbou.

Number of Bous got demolished since the Shintoism and Buddhism separation ordinance, but Daisenbo managed to remain. Tenmangu is now taking care of Daisenbo for it's existence until today.

Location Matsuzakicho 14-1, Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 15 minutes walk from JR Sanyo main line Hofu station
Office of Inquiry Hofu Tenman-gu Shrine Tel. No. 0835-23-7700
  • 2. Hofu Tenmangu Daisenbo Remains