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Mimosusogawa Park

1. Mimosusogawa Park

Replica of the Choshu cannon used in exclusionism war and Shimonoseki war (completed in September 2004), Dan-no-ura cannon marks, Minamoto Yoshitsune&Taira no Tomomori statues (completed in November 2004) can be seen in here.

Location Mimosusogawacho 1, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 15 minutes by bus from JR Shimonoseki station
→0 minute walk from "Mimosusogawa" bus stop
(2)10 minutes by car from Shimonoseki IC
Office of Inquiry Shimonoseki Park & Greenery Section Tel. No. 083-231-1933
  • 2. Mimosusogawa Park