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Elephant nose ヶ Cape

1. Elephant nose ヶ Cape

The elephant nose ヶ Cape which projected into the The Seto Inland Sea small is Scenic spot called Suo Hashidate.
Inlay water Well, Murozumi Daiba, Kaizo-ji Temple, 光峨嵋山護国神社, the historic site of 杵崎神社等 are in the elephant nose ケ Cape entire area, too and, in spring, can enjoy a cherry tree and a camellia, Season including レクリェーション to paths of autumn nature study by passing.

Location Murozumi, Hikari City, Yamaguchi
Access (1) It is Bus 22 minutes from JR Sanyo Main Line Hikari Station
→ It is a 15-minute walk from "Murozumi Park Entrance" Bus Stop
Office of Inquiry Hikari City Commerce, Industry, and Sightseeing Section Tel. No. 0833-72-1400
  • 2. Elephant nose ヶ Cape