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Hagi Hakkei Tour Boat

1. Hagi Hakkei Tour Boat

"Sightseeing tour boat" brings you to the tour of the lagoon city of Hagi.

40 minutes tour course starting from Shizuki bridge next to Hagi castle ruins, follows the castle canal and join the main stream of Hashimoto river via Tokiwa island, then the view spot of Horiuchi and Hiyako ( Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings).
On sunny days, embrasure mud wall by Shizuki mountain and Kikugahama white sand & blue pine beach will be added to the course.

Women sea captain will attend on weekends.

●Cruise fare Adults 1,200 yen Children 600 yen

Location Horiuchi (Shizuki Bridge Side), Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 20 minutes by car from Ogori Hagi road Edo IC
(via Chugoku Expressway Mine Higashi JCT)
(2) 0 minute walk from "Hagi castle ruin/ Shizuki park entrance" bus stop
(Hagi loop Maru bus west loop)
Office of Inquiry Foundation corporate judicial person Hagi Sightseeing Boat TEL: 0838-21-7708
  • 2. Hagi Hakkei Tour Boat