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Motonosumi Shrine

1. Motonosumi  Shrine

A shrine built in 1955 for the shared tutelary deity of Taikodani shrine in Shimane prefecture Tsuwano following the order of white fox god.

Not to mention the luck for sales, fishing and safe on the sea, but also for good relationships, pregnancy, luck increase, safe traffics, study and etc.

Impressive point of this shrine is the 123 repetitive red torii gates from Ryugu wave splash. Surprisingly the offering box is on the top of the large torii gate!

It is said that your wish would come true if you manage to throw a coin into it.

Location Yuya Tsuo 498, Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 60 minutes by car from Chugoku Expressway Mine IC
(2) 20 minutes by taxi from JR Sanin main line Nagato-Furuichi station
Office of Inquiry Foundation Nagato City Sightseeing Convention Tel. No. 0837-22-8404
  • 2. Motonosumi  Shrine
  • 3. Motonosumi  Shrine
  • 4. Motonosumi  Shrine