Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube

Have it tool de; Crafts cough 2017
  • Have it tool de; Crafts cough 2017
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • Run through Nature in Bicycle, and tool de that can feel wind of the Early summer with a whole body does it; a Craf...
Akata Beach
  • Akata Beach
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • As Car can run in it to Beach Near, it is convenient. In addition, I can pitch Tent near Beach. (establishment Co...
Foundation corporate judicial person Mine City Tourist Association
Nanbu-cho, Shimonoseki post office
  • Nanbu-cho, Shimonoseki post office
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • In the Nanbu-cho, Shimonoseki post office, Akama Seki post office (In those days) integrates the telegraphic commun...
Horn Island Traditional Inn
Beach, Auto Camping Ground out of the manure
Tsukuno Onsen Shimonoseki
  • Tsukuno Onsen Shimonoseki
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • Soak in the beauty of the sunset and comforting sound of the waves. As time slips by, spend a quiet moment in the ...
Nanbara temple
  • Nanbara temple
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • It became the 17th label place of the Nagato 33 point in a temple of the Shingon Buddhism from the middle part of t...
  • Togyoan
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • It was in 梅処尼 (ばいしょに), and I protected End, Throughout the life, a grave of the Shinsaku, and what chased a lover l...
Former Akita firm Building
  • Former Akita firm Building
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • The Building which represents history of modern architecture of the Japan. The semi-Western style unique Building ...
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