Yamaguchi, Hofu

Dragon fortune temple (Ouchi Clan building trace)
National Treasure Ruriko-ji Temple Pagoda
The 27th matches; Prawns Picking world championships
Firefly Admiration Week!
  • Firefly Admiration Week!
  • Yamaguchi, Hofu
  • I am going to hold various Event on Saturday in Period titled "Firefly Admiration Week!" in the beginning of June f...
Hydrangea Festival (18th memorial services for flowers)
Ouchi Clan building trace (Ouchi Clan Remains)
Yuda Onsen
  • Yuda Onsen
  • Yamaguchi, Hofu
  • This onsen is renowned for having more water than anywhere else in Sanyo. The alkaline onsen waters are wonderful f...
  • Uiro
  • Yamaguchi, Hofu
  • Taste to represent Yamaguchi City got close to from money of the Ouchi Clan. Of course refined Sweetness and uniqu...
Shimizu Onsen
  • Shimizu Onsen
  • Yamaguchi, Hofu
  • It is a public bath of the only self The source in the Yamaguchi City since the opening of business for 50 several ...
Yamaguchi Sightseeing Convention Association
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