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Akiyoshidaiyama Grill
  • Akiyoshidaiyama Grill
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • As for the pastime that gives poetic charm "mountain Grill to cause spring in Akiyoshidai Plateau," the Tradition f...
The Castle Town Chofu Doll's Festival
  • The Castle Town Chofu Doll's Festival
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • History atmosphere is each Facilities, Store of the drifting Castle Town Chofu, and "a doll" and "a ready-made deco...
Yuda Onsen liquor Festival
  • Yuda Onsen liquor Festival
  • Yamaguchi, Hofu
  • Sake brewery of in the prefecture 19 gathers all at once! In late years Locally brewed Sake of the Yamaguchi attra...
Hofu Tenman-gu Shrine God good luck festival (nude Bo festival)
Hagi, camellia Festival
  • Hagi, camellia Festival
  • Hagi, Nagato
  • "Hagi, camellia Festival" is held in the Hagi City Kasayama camellia Gregarious plants forest that the thicket came...
Shiroyama historical park Sakura Festival
Day Festival of the Shimonoseki Pufferfish
Restoration, Straits Walking
  • Restoration, Straits Walking
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • ※A prior application is necessary for Participation. I cannot participate on the day. A Participation qualificatio...
Kanmuriyama Park plum Festival
  • Kanmuriyama Park plum Festival
  • Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan
  • Adjacent to crown Tenman-gu Shrine of the Prince Michizane Sugawara hometown, "the crown plum garden" that can over...
First Japanese Firefly ship navigation
  • First Japanese Firefly ship navigation
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • Toyodacho, Shimonoseki-shi is known as a village of the Firefly eminent Japan. In June when Every Year Firefly meet...
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