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Iwakuni Lotus root
  • Iwakuni Lotus root
  • Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan
  • The Iwakuni City is a production center of the Lotus root eminent Nationwide. The Characteristic of the Iwakuni lo...
LLC poetic genius temple "Rikyu Manju (steamed bun)"
Beautiful east Burdock
  • Beautiful east Burdock
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • I receive the evaluation that "beautiful east Burdock" of the Popular is Nationwide, and the softness of the fleshy...
Sanin temple "excellent cake eating a food with great relish"
湯免 bean-jam-filled wafers
  • 湯免 bean-jam-filled wafers
  • Hagi, Nagato
  • The white Bean paste that bitterness and Fragrance peculiar to citron are felt in the The middle which modelled cit...
Auspicious purple clouds Zhuang "国廳"
Chicken egg Rice cracker
  • Chicken egg Rice cracker
  • Hagi, Nagato
  • It is the full-bodied Rice cracker which I fully used the fresh egg for. ●Product Sold chicken egg Rice cracker
Senzaki Kamaboko
  • Senzaki Kamaboko
  • Hagi, Nagato
  • Kamaboko of the Senzaki, Nagato City product is famous as "Kamaboko peculiar to this District without Grill". The m...
吉富幸進堂 "Nagato Yumoto Hot Spring Manju (steamed bun)"
Advantageous hemorrhoids Miso "wheat grain Miso"
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