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Kanyoji Temple / maple
  • Kanyoji Temple / maple
  • Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan
  • The Old historic temple known as the famous garden "garden of the tanka feast on the curve of a river bank" where I...
Akiyoshidai Cave
  • Akiyoshidai Cave
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • At the foot of Akiyoshidai Plateau is one of Japan’s largest limestone caves. The entrance is 24m tall and 8m wide...
  • Senjojiki
  • Hagi, Nagato
  • The place of grassy plain opening in Plateau of 333m above sea level. Islands appearing in The Sea of Japan, the s...
Taineiji Temple / maple
  • Taineiji Temple / maple
  • Hagi, Nagato
  • The Tainei-ji Temple which is the ground of the Ouchi Clan end that was full of prosperity in Yamaguchi as a conque...
Kouzan-ji Temple / maple
  • Kouzan-ji Temple / maple
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • The Taste has the splendor of the fall foliage of the Kozan-ji Temple. The tree of each maple (Kaede) is big, and t...
Akiyoshidai Plateau
  • Akiyoshidai Plateau
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • The plateau is a basin formed between 500m to 600m high mountains. The plateau is between 180m and 420m above sea ...
Both legs temple / maple
  • Both legs temple / maple
  • Yamaguchi, Hofu
  • It is the Place which I can feel autumn vividly. As for the The precincts, a tripod, Eating and drinking is prohib...
Susa Hornfels
  • Susa Hornfels
  • Hagi, Nagato
  • The sandstone of the layer, alternated layers of the shale became ホルンフェルン by heat action in erosion The shore in Te...
Akiyoshidai Plateau leaves of grass putting on autumnal tints
Shokon Shrine / maple
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