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Kaneko Misuzu Memorial Museum
  • Kaneko Misuzu Memorial Museum
  • Hagi, Nagato
  • Memorial is Open in the bookstore Kaneko sentence British temple ruins where Misuzu spent the childhood period in A...
Hagi, Meirin school building March 4, 2017 Open
Shimonoseki City Operated History Museum (November 18, 2016 reopening)
Mori Museum (old Mori Residence book residence)
Shoin Memorial
  • Shoin Memorial
  • Hagi, Nagato
  • The Shoin Memorial which is built adjacent to the Hagi Okan Park, Roadside Stations Hagi Okan. I display the replic...
Merchant's family Museum むろやの garden (Life Tool, merchant's family Documents, house in the town of the small country house)
North Historical Folk Museum "large I run hall" (I carry a sea bream feel) full of Shimonoseki City Operated
Kaiten Memorial
  • Kaiten Memorial
  • Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan
  • I display 遺品遺墨約 1,000 points. I can see a Kaiten Training Base sign.
Personal items Exhibition room of Tabuse Local Hall / bank, the Sato brothers prime minister
Ogai Mori Memorial
  • Ogai Mori Memorial
  • Yamaguchi, Hofu
  • I graduate from the Univ. of Tokyo medical department at 20 years old and advance to the prime surgeon general, and...
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