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Ooso purification ceremony
  • Ooso purification ceremony
  • Yamaguchi, Hofu
  • I use it for cold water on a calendar on the coldest day and the day for the done coldest season and cleanse mind a...
Beach appearance festival
  • Beach appearance festival
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • The memorial service of the Mongolian Invasions person killed in action performed at Tasuki Shinto Shrine, Horikiri...
Spouting of the Palace of the Dragon King
West long temple (Seated Wooden Amitabha Statue)
Mitachi of the fighting for truth
  • Mitachi of the fighting for truth
  • Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan
  • As for the parishioner who shared Patriot and the will of the Shoin Yoshida and others Joi group, Laying upon, a lo...
Atsuki Shinmei festival
  • Atsuki Shinmei festival
  • Iwakuni, Yanai, Shunan
  • In the Event which has been performed in Every Year, small New Year holidays (14.15 days of the lunar New Year), th...
The Sumiyoshi Shrine "ship chanting of a Noh text"
Do; Crafts cough Straits Festival, Genpei ship Battle
Horin-ji Temple Main Hall
  • Horin-ji Temple Main Hall
  • Shimonoseki, Akiyoshi-dai, Ube
  • Old temple in Kikugawachonanami, Shimonoseki-shi. 6.5m, Roof between the Length of a crossbeam 6.5m beam are regul...
Yumoto Nanjo dance
  • Yumoto Nanjo dance
  • Hagi, Nagato
  • The Dance which is dedicated to the Annual festival of 赤﨑神社 of September 10 in a comfortable box. Dance is dedicate...
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