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Jokamachi Chofu(castle town)

  • Jokamachi Chofu(castle town)
  • Jokamachi Chofu(castle town)

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Chofu had been the centre of culture and politics from ancient times to medieval period, as it entered modern history, Mouri Hidemoto built Gomangoku in Chofu-han, thus Jokamachi (castle town) was born.
Due to the feudal warrant in Genna period, the castle was abandoned. What left of it now is only stonewalls. You can find remains of samurai families housing in different sizes in the street layout today, it comes from the feudal period since Mouri moved in, there is samurai-machi as you enter Yamate, as well as housing area for high ranking vassals. The remains of earthen walls today still display the richness of its history.

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