About Yamaguchi

About Yamaguchi


Yamaguchi is located on the westernmost of the main island of Japan, bordering Hiroshima and Shimane on the east and Fukuoka of Kyushu on the west. Yamaguchi's three sides are surrounded by the sea ―Japan Sea, Seto Inland Sea, Sea of Hibiki, and its long coastal line of about 1,500 km shows various expressions such as emerald green ocean and beautiful sandy beaches, superb view of cliffs and oddly-shaped rocks eroded by raging waves, and appeasing sceneries of small islands in the sea.

Climate of Yamaguchi

  Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June
Temp.(℃) Highest 8.5 9 12.3 17.4 21.5 24.7
Lowest 3.4 3.5 5.9 10.6 14.8 18.7
Precipitation(mm) 73.5 76.8 108.5 158.4 161.3 278.5
  July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Temp.(℃) Highest 24.7 28.8 26.8 21.8 16.6 11.4
Lowest 23.3 24.6 20.8 15.4 10.5 5.9
Precipitation(mm) 264.2 126.8 179.7 95.1 78.7 58.2

The climate of Yamaguchi prefecture is generally mild and temperate, and has relatively less wind and flood damage.

Access to Yamaguchi

From Tokyo, flying from Haneda Airport to Yamaguchi Airport or Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport, and from Osaka, Shinkansen train is recommended.
From the neighboring Fukuoka and Hiroshima, it takes about 30 minutes by Shinkansen train to get to central part of Yamaguchi. Rental cars are useful to get around in Yamaguchi, so renting a car at the airport or station and going sightseeing is recommended.

Highlights of Yamaguchi

Yamaguchi offers magnificent natural landscape, many historic and cultural tourist spots with full of romance, delicious food including blow fish and hot springs. Yamaguchi cordially welcomes you.


There are a lot of sightseeing spots including Akiyoshidai, Tsunoshima Island, and Motonosumi Shrine where the magnificent nature can be seen, the world heritage, Hagi Castle Town and the national treasure, Rurikoji Temple where you can feel the cultural history, and one of the Japan's three famous bridges, Kintaikyo Bridge.

Tsunoshima Bridge
Motonosumi Shrine
Hagi Castle Town
Five-Storied Pagoda, Rurikoji Temple
Kintaikyo Bridge


Being surrounded by sea on three sides , Yamaguchi is endowed with cuisine from both the land and sea. On top of local dishes, "Kawara Soba Noodle" and "Iwakuni Zushi", you can enjoy the cuisine which uses a variety of ingredients, such as authentic "blow fish dishes", "swordtip squid" which is so-called the queen of squid, and "Choshu Kuro Kashiwa", Yamaguchi-grown original free range chicken. In addition, there are many sake breweries so that you can enjoy locally brewed sake in different parts of Yamaguchi.

Kawara Soba Noodle
Iwakuni zushi
Blow fish dishes
Swordtip squid
Choshu Kuro Kashiwa Chicken
Locally-brewed sake

Hot springs

There is a variety of unique hot springs in various locations in Yamaguchi ―the one located in a quiet mountain area, the one that the ocean can be seen while you are bathing, the one with high skin beautification, etc.