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Fuku (Blow Fish) Dishes

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A taste representing the winter of Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Due to its poison the consumption of Fuku was forbidden for a long time, but an anecdote says that the first prime minister Ito Hirobumi lifted the ban after eating it at a traditional restaurant in Shimonoseki and liking its taste.
The season of blow fish dishes used to between the Higan holidays of autumn and spring but today you can receive tasty blow fish throughout the year.
The blow fish is thinly sliced and put on a plate in the shape of chrysanthemums or cranes devoted to the sense of vision.
The head of the blow fish, the main part of its bones, Tofu, cabbage, spring onions and garland chrysanthemums are boiled in a pot and eaten with bitter orange vinegar.

Basic Information

Location Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi
Access (1) 20 minutes by bus from JR Shimonoseki Station
→ It is a 5-minute walk from "Wataze" Bus Stop
Office of Inquiry Federation of Shimonoseki Pufferfish TEL: 083-267-8181