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Kawara Soba are known for being a local specialty of Yamaguchi Prefecture with a focus on the Kawatana hot springs.
It is said that the dish was invented because of the legend of soldiers who encircled Kumamoto Castle on the occasion of the Southwestern War and put meat on a burning roof tile to eat it in 1877.
Flavorful green tea soba are arranged on a hot roof tile with beef, omelet cut into thin stripes and seaweed and grated daikon and chili is added to a special bonito flavor sauce. Today the dish is known all over Japan.

Basic Information

Location Toyouracho Kawatana, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Onsen
Access (1) It is Taxi 25 minutes from JR Sanyo Shinkansen Shin-Shimonoseki Station

(2) It is Bus 40 minutes from JR Sanyo Shinkansen Shin-Shimonoseki Station
(the first flight)

(3) It is Train 45 minutes from JR Sanyo Main Line Shimonoseki Station
→ 5 minutes by taxi from JR Sanin Main Line Kawatana-Onsen Station
Office of Inquiry Shimonoseki City Toyoura General Branch Regional Policy Division Tel. No. 083-772-4003