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Mikawa Mu Valley

1. Mikawa Mu Valley

1. Mikawa Mu Valley

1. Mikawa Mu Valley

A theme park built on the remains of a mine. It has cave adventure attractions under the theme of legend Mu continent from tungsten mine.

15 zones in different themes such as mysterious lakes and temple from the Mu legend is connected like a maze inside the cave. It is chilly throughout the year including summer.

Placer mining workshops are available outside for 700 yen per 30 minutes.

More things to try; other workshops for soba noodles, hot spring facilities, restaurants, and BBQ fields. Also, the water park is adjoined.

Location Mikawamachi Nekasa 1564-1, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 7 minutes by bus from Nishikigawa-Seiryu line Nekasa station
→ Walk from "Deai" bus stop
(2) 35 minutes by car from Sanyo Expressway from Iwakuni IC
(3) 40 minutes by car rom Sanyo Expressway Kuga IC Hitaichi IC
Office of Inquiry Mikawa Mu valley TEL: 0827-77-0111