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1. Jakuchikyo

1. Jakuchikyo

1. Jakuchikyo

Two valleys, Inumodoshi valley from the upper stream of river Usa and Ryuugadake from Ryuugadake mountain both begin from one of the highest mountains in the prefecture, Mt.Jakuchiyama(1337m high) located between Yamaguchi and Shimane. Jakuchi-valley is the name for these two valleys together.

Jakuchi river has chosen as the top 100 water stream in Japan.

This is a perfect place for camping.

Location Nishikimachi Usa, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 60 minutes by bus from Nishikigawa-Seiryu line Nishikicho station
(Choei Bus
"Jakuchikyo Iriguchi" bus stop)
Office of Inquiry Iwakuni City Nishiki Branch Regional Promotion Section Tel. No. 0827-72-2110