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The Hagi ware which is also called ”Ichiraku Nihagi Sankaratsu”has gained reputation in the Japanese world of tea and is a traditional craft representing Yamaguchi Prefecture which has passed down the pottery technique of the Joseon-Dynasty of Korea.
Its beginning was a pottery kiln which was opened in Matsumoto-Nakanokura of Hagi castle town and run by the Hagi clan due to the influence of potter brought from the Joseon-Dynasty of Korea during the Bunroku and Keicho era (1592-1597).
Today the Hagi ware has a tradition of 380 years and potters have developed diverse styles like the traditional craft style, the modern craft style and the vanguard craft style and many have become living national treasures, members of arts academies and avant-garde writers.
Its good touch, the charm of rough but elegant soil and the simple ornaments are characteristic of the Hagi ware.

Basic Information

Location Hagi City, Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi City, Nagato City, Ube City, Mine City
Office of Inquiry Hagi City Tourism Section Tel. No. 0838-25-3139