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A single-story wooden building located in Yasuda, Shunan city. 10.98m in width, 6.97m in depth.

Tokushukan was originally built by Shishido Naritoshi, the 8th landlord of Mitsuo from Choshu domain head Mori clan in 1809 as a village school for local children's education. The building now existing as Tokushukan is the mausoleum additionally got built by the 18th head Shishido Motoaya, imitating Meirinkan building in Hagi.

Basic Information

Location Yasuda Aza Tenno(Oaza Yasuda 569-1), Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Office of Inquiry Shunan City Board of Education Culture Sports Section Tel. No. 0834-22-8622