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Shiawase Kigan

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Four strange-shaped rocks: "Tateiwa","Ganmon","Obiishi","Iwaya" are located in different places and each is visited by worshippers.

It is said that you will become happy after praying all four rocks.

*The photo is the rock "Tateiwa"

Basic Information

Location Four spots in town, Oshima District Suo Oshimacho, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 60 minutes by car from Sanyo Expressway Kuga IC
(Turn right at the Doiguchi intersection at route 437 and turn left at Adaka intersection to Shikaka Tateiwa)
→5 minutes by car from Tateiwa
(Turn left at Adaka intersection at route 60 to Ryuzaki harbor)
→ 5 minutes walk from Ryuzaki hot spring down harbor
(Walk to Ganmon following the foot path)
→ 20 minutes by bus from Ryuzaki hot spring down harbor
(Turn right immediately after Kojo bus stop at route 4 to Dakesan, towards Obiishi-Kannon)
→ 10 minutes by bus from Obiishi-Kannon
(Go up the Dakesan hike way, towards mountainside Iwaya Gongen Torii)
→ 5 minutes walk from Iwaya Gongen Torii (Yasuragi-no-Oka)
(Walk along Choju-no-Mori walk path to Iwaya Gongen)
Office of Inquiry Suo-Oshima Commerce, Industry, and Sightseeing Section Tel. No. 0820-79-1003