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Hagi・Camellia Festival

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The ”Hagi・Camellia Festival is held for 1 1/2 month on the 10 hectare Kasayama Camellia Grove where around 25,000 trees of 60 different kinds of wild Camellias grow naturally. During this period there are demonstrations of folk entertainment, free Camellia tours around the Camellia Grove by guides showing the best viewing spots, the sale of local special products and food stalls on Saturdays and Sundays and on national holidays and ”Hagi Town Beauties”wearing Kimonos accept to take pictures.

February 16, 2019~March 21, 2019

Basic Information

Location (Kasayama Camellia Grove) Koshigahama Chinto Hagi City Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) It is Bus approximately 95 minutes from JR Sanyo Shinkansen Shin-Yamaguchi Station
(route bus, Shuttle bus)
→ From Hagi Bus Center or Higashi-Hagi Station Bus ("Koshigahama" Bus Stop Getting Off → Free of charge Shuttle bus)

(2) It is Car 40 minutes from Ogori-Hagi Road Edo IC
(Via Chugoku Expressway Mine-Higashi JCT Ogori-Hagi Road)
Office of Inquiry Read Hagi, a flower; Executive Committee (Hagi City Sightseeing inside of a section) TEL: 0838-25-3139