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Hagi Reverberatory Furnace

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Built in 1858 for manufacturing material of battleship cannon etc.

The furnace consists of basalt and bricks on the rectanglar base and upper part becomes narrow. Divided in two separate 11.5m high chimneys.

Designated as a world heritage in July 2015 (Sites of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution)

Basic Information

Location (Seven Eleven Hagi Hansharomae branch), Chinto Uenohara, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 20 minutes walk from JR Sanin main line Higashi-Hagi station
(2) 20 minutes by car from Chugoku highway Mine Higashi JCT
→ 20 minutes by car from Ogori Hagi road Edo IC
(Take Ogori Hagi Road directly connected to JCT towards Hagi)
→ 10 minutes by car on road R191 towards Masuda)
Office of Inquiry Hagi City Tourism Section Tel. No. 0838-25-3131