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A unique inn with a mixed style of Japanese and western located on the site where it used to be the residence of Mori family in the center of the outermost region of Hagi castle.

A western-style lobby and an English garden with seasonal flowers will welcome you after a Japanese dignified gate. We prepare Japanese tatami rooms for customers to have a relaxing time, and Hagi hot spring can be enjoyed in the public bath. Easy access from Hagi castle ruins and Hagi castle town.

Basic Information

Location Horiuchi 210-12, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 10 minutes 2.5km from JR Sanin main line Higashi-Hagi station
(2) 40 minutes by car from Mine Higashi IC
Office of Inquiry Hagi Castle outermost outworks north gate Mansion TEL: 0838-22-7521