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Former Residence of Kubota Family

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It is said that the Shoshichi, the first generation of Kubota family entered Hagi from Omi (Shiga prefecture) in the late Han period and became the branch family of Kubota in Kumagaya and opened a kimono shop across Kikuya family's residence. However, his son Shojiro changed the business to alcohol maker and started "Aratama Shuten". In addition, the place was used by notables as an inn in the Meiji era. This building is an important historical document of Hagi castle town to pass down the situation in those days as a successful liquor shop with its sophisticated designs, structure, and techniques.

Basic Information

Location Oaza Gofukumachi 1chome 31, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) Take bus from Hagi bus center
(Maru bus west loop "Shinsaku-kun")
→ 3 minutes walk from Hagi Museum Urakami Memorial Hall
(2) 20 minutes by car from Chugoku Expressway Mine Higashi JCT
→ 20 minutes by car from Ogori Hagi road Edo IC
(Take Ogori Hagi Road directly connected to JCT towards Hagi)
→3 minutes walk from Hagi museum parking area
Office of Inquiry Hagi City Tourism Section Tel. No. 0838-25-3139