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Hagi Okan (Hagi)

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Hagi Okan was constructed in 1607 after Hagi castle was built to connect Mitajiri(Bofu) and the castle foot in the shortest distance as a Sankinkotai road. 52.7km long highway of Sanin and Sanyo.

It played an important role for people in the modern period around Meiji restoration.

Originally it was made radially in all directions from Yamaguchi in Muromachi era and got organized again in Edo period.

Unchanged Namidamatsu remains, Kasegazaka milestone, palanquin manufacture, Kaminagase milestone, memorial stones, and border monuments are related remains.

Enjoy the well-preserved harmony of nature quietness and townscape of the stone pavements and hike way in the unchanged atmosphere from those days.

Basic Information

Location Oaza Tsubaki aza Kasegazaka Hagi City Akiraki Oyobi Sasanami, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Office of Inquiry Hagi City Tourism Section Tel. No. 0838-25-3139