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Teppoto Tower (Suisho Gorintotomo)

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  • 1. Teppoto Tower (Suisho Gorintotomo)
  • 1. Teppoto Tower (Suisho Gorintotomo)

An iron tower 301.3cm in height, in the form of Gorinto (five ring tower) style. Inside the main part of the tower (61.4cm in diameter), the ash of Buddha is installed.

It was built by Shunjobo Chogen, who dedicated to the reconstruction of Todaiji in Nara, with Kusakabe-no-Sukunekoresuke, who casted the Buddha statue.

It can be seeing in the Amidic temple cultural properties storage (reservations required).

Basic Information

Location Oaza Mure Kamisakamoto 1869, Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Access (1) 20 minutes by bus from JR Sanyo main line Hofu station
(Get off at "Amidaji" bus stop)
Office of Inquiry Todai-ji Temple Annex Amida-ji Temple Tel. No. 0835-38-0839