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Fujigochi Tea Plantation

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Fujigochi Tea Plantation produces 90% of all tea production of Yamaguchi prefecture. Approximately 70 hectares of this plantation on the slightly elevated hill is the largest tea plantation as the size of one place in western Japan, and its scenery is overwelming. It's said that the fog comes from Ono Lake in winter is the apropreate environment for the growth of tea leaves, which makes the bitterness and astringency of Ube tea just right. In an annually held "Eighty-eighth Day, Tea Festival" on May 3rd, you can experience the popular tea-leaf picking.

Basic Information

Location Fujigochi, Ono, Ube City, Yamaguchi
Office of Inquiry Tourism/Sixth Sector Industory Promotion Department, Ube City Tel. 0836-34-8353