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Jippotei was built as a detached house from the Mandai family's main one, and produced soy sauce from generation to generation. In the late Edo period, it was used as a lodging house for the domain officials when the Choshu lord, Mori Takachika moved the domain administrative headquarters from Hagi to Yamaguchi. Because the head of family, Mandai Rihei supported the activity of patriots, many leading spirits of the Meiji Restoration visited him, including Katsura Kogoro, Takasugi Shinsaku, Kusaka Genzui, Omura Masujiro, etc. and there is a record that one of the Choshu Five, Ito Hirofumi stayed here as well. In the exhibition room (paid), various materials related to Jippotei and those patriots are desplayed, and also you'll be able to learn about the history of the late Edo period/Restoration in Yamaguchi in a fun way using projection mapping and special AR app. Jippotei and Sugi Private School opened by Sugi Minji the brother of Yoshida Shoin are free to visit, as well as a restroom and guidance zone can be used freely.

Basic Information

Location 112 Shimotatekoji, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi
Access [1] 15-minute walk from JR Yamaguchi St.
Website https://jippotei-ishinkan.jp/
Office of Inquiry Jippotei Ishinkan Tel. 083-902-1688